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Oct 7, 2012 7:00am EDT
101st airborne division from fort campbell to little rock to enforce desegregation with a forceful message to everyone in the south that the desegregation integration was the loss of land and eisenhower was going to support it with the armed forces of the united states. what a powerful message. [applause] but finally, eisenhower did not take the lead in rgb advantages of integration as john f. kennedy and lyndon johnson to. eisenhower felt this was a difficult till -- pill to swallow and the best way to get them to do that was to stress that this was the law. this was the rule of law and he is president was going to take care of the law. it made it much easier, and easier pill for the south to swallow. [applause] >> jonathan is great to be with you today and with all the booklovers at this fabulous festival and with a very distinguished biographer, jean edward smith way think has contributed immeasurably to the eisenhower scholarship and i have to agree he was underestimated definitely and i'm so glad that you have written such a powerful book. i think it's fascinating in reading t
Sep 29, 2012 2:15pm EDT
law schools. it is led by dean tom campbell, an extraordinary scholar and a wonderful leader of the law school and is an enormously diverse place. a faculty that goes from left to right and center, graduates and a practicing law across the united states, passed the bar. it's a great comic replace to teach law. i wrote the brief against obama with the fact in mind that i have a lot of liberal friends on the cali. my colleagues and the faculty. law professors are quite compulsive but the level of the scholarship. when you read something that you want to have available to your colleagues it has to be overwhelmingly document to and fed noted. and a brief against obama there are 45 pages of footnotes and 235 pages of text. and so when i tell you anything and make a statement about the president tonight and about his record to find in a brief against a llama. and as documentation that takes you executory confine the fact that i cite, the quotations that i put forward in the arguments that i make because i have in mind that when the law school to you reconvenes. i'll leave a copy of the bu
Oct 7, 2012 7:45am EDT
. and kim campbell, who was the sole woman prime minister of canada, she encountered -- she really encountered a plot of the same problems that we talk about in the book, when she ran for both leader of the party, which made her prime minister and i ran the election shortly thereafter. her attire was talked about, marital history was talk about. the fact that she was dating somebody was talked about. so when those two cultures, you see some of the same thing you see in this country. >> three of the question here? kaitlyn. >> women have had to chuckle through life. do you see this as an advantage over all? in climbing the pole ignoring the fact that they start later, maybe they won't get that far up on the greasy pole, but the flexibility -- [inaudible] -- advantage in the future. >> well, you know, a book i read about elizabeth dole describes a rhetorical style is rhetorical multitasking. even though she is not have children, i would argue she's juggled multiple roles in a way perhaps they haven't as a spouse of a candidate, for example. and so, i think successful women politicians
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3